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Homes and buildings aren't smart unless they respond to the presence of people. Ivani leverages the RF environment to enable truly intelligent spaces.

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Sensing as a Service Technology

Standard, off-the-shelf communication chipsets create a mesh-like RF field. When humans enter this field, communications between devices are disturbed. We analyze these disturbances and provide Advanced Occupancy data.
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Why Ivani?

Because how else can you turn your existing non-sensing IoT devices into a reliable occupancy sensing system with a firmware update? Our patented sensify™ technology works with a wide range of wireless protocols, including Zigbee, WiFi, Thread, and BLE, and provided occupancy data suitable for a similarly wide range of applications, including security, lighting control, HVAC, and more.  Once you see what your devices can really do, you'll never go back.

We're the industry leaders in wireless network sensing, with over 80 granted patents and a decade of working in the complex technology space.  We encourage everyone to do their own research, but we've stood up to partner testing and everything we do is built for the real world, not some flash in the pan demo that will never be realistic.

We're leading the sensing platform revolution, are you in?

Granted Patents

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IVANI Intellectual Property

By The Numbers

We have a lot of intellectual property and technical knowhow, with a range of patents and trad secrets at our disposal.  As with everything in RF sensing, do you own research. We believe we're the first to use network diagnostics from standard wireless communications to perform occupancy sensing, as indicated by our granted IP.  We are proud and protective of our intellectual property. Don't get gaught out needing a license for other inferior technology after you've launched, just talk to us first and get protection form the start.

Ivani is a technology and intellectual property company at heart. We thrive on discovering and delivering new and innovative solutions to the market to make people's lives safer, more productive, and more enjoyable; all while fostering tangible gains in sustainability. Patents and associated licenses provide us and our partners a strong degree of protection to offer products embodying our technology.  As such, we are both proud and protective of our robust and fast-growing patent portfolio.

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  • Do you want your older devices to be updated to provide occupancy sensing functionality?
  • Do you need a differentiating software feature for your products?

Talk to us about seeing the magic of sensify today! We encourage everyone to test and see how things work in the real world. Lab performance doesn't guarantee market success; it's real-world functionality that counts.

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