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Buildings and homes aren't smart unless they respond to the presence of people. Ivani leverages the RF environment to enable truly intelligent spaces.

Our Technology Suites

Ivani NPS™

Standard, off-the-shelf communication chipsets create a mesh-like RF field. When humans enter this field, communications between devices are disturbed. We analyze these disturbances and provide Advanced Occupancy data.

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Ivani RTLS™

The Ivani RTLS system recognizes BLE devices and determines their location while offering other functionalities like panic buttons and historical device tracking. This solution can be layered on top of Ivani BLE infrastructures setup for Ivani NPS.

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Why Ivani?

Ivani provides a unique software solution to what has traditionally been a hardware problem. Through Machine Learning and AI, Ivani leverages the RF environment to provide Advanced Occupancy sensing systems using low power communication chips and communication protocols like Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) and Zigbee. Making use of the same hardware platform, these capabilities can be paired with Ivani’s state-of-the-art RTLS system to provide tracking services with known tags. Together or separate, Ivani NPS™ and RTLS™ technologies provide unparalleled data about the built environment.

NPS is a patented technology that allows wireless communication chips like Bluetooth®, Zigbee, Wi-Fi and others to create Advanced Occupancy sensing and Real Time Location Services systems out of commercial off-the-shelf-devices.


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Ivani is a technology and intellectual property company at heart. We thrive on discovering and delivering new and innovative solutions to the market to make people’s lives safer, more productive, and more enjoyable; all while fostering tangible gains in sustainability. Patents and associated licenses provide us and our partners a strong degree of protection to offer products embodying our technology. As such, we are both proud and protective of our robust and fast-growing patent portfolio.

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Ivani's Advanced Occupancy sensing technologies enable truly intelligent spaces with greater occupant comfort, public safety, and building and operational efficiencies. Whether it’s a remodel or new build, Ivani and its partners can guide you through the simple integration process.

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