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Homes and buildings aren't smart unless they respond to the presence of people. Ivani leverages the RF environment to enable truly intelligent spaces.

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Sensing as a Service Technology

Standard, off-the-shelf communication chipsets create a mesh-like RF field. When humans enter this field, communications between devices are disturbed. We analyze these disturbances and provide Advanced Occupancy data.
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Why Ivani?

Ivani provides a unique software solution to what has traditionally been a hardware problem. Through Machine Learning and AI, Ivani leverages the RF environment to provide Sensing as a Service using low power communication chips and communication protocols like Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE), Zigbee, WiFi, and Thread. sensify™ technology provides unparalleled data about the built environment. sensify™ is a patented technology that allows wireless communication chips like Bluetooth®, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, and Thread to create Sensing as a Service systems out of commercial off-the-shelf-devices.
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Ivani is a technology and intellectual property company at heart. We thrive on discovering and delivering new and innovative solutions to the market to make people’s lives safer, more productive, and more enjoyable; all while fostering tangible gains in sustainability. Patents and associated licenses provide us and our partners a strong degree of protection to offer products embodying our technology. As such, we are both proud and protective of our robust and fast-growing patent portfolio.
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Ivani's Sensing as a Service technologies enable truly intelligent spaces with greater occupant comfort, safety, and home and building operational efficiencies. Whether it’s a remodel or new build, Ivani and its partners can guide you through the simple integration process.

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