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Home Automation has made great strides over the last few decades. However, mass adoption in residential systems has proven elusive due to its expense and lack of seamless integration while maintaining exceptional user experience. A very common pain point is that users must manually activate so-called smart systems rather than the systems autonomously adjusting to the homeowner’s presence.

The revolutionary sensify™ smart home system is here to be the catalyst for mass adoption of home automation. By enabling home automation systems to react to the user's presence, sensify™ facilitates the creation of a truly smart home IoT environment. Thanks to its distributed nature, sensify™ enables each room to understand that there is someone in the space, and then home systems like lighting, security, HVAC, and more can respond appropriately.

With the ability to deploy as a firmware update to existing devices, can you justify keeping them in the dark any longer?

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Home Security

The smart home market requires a highly integrated, cost efficient, and reliable system that doesn’t sacrifice privacy. Current security solutions can be costly and integrate poorly with existing smart devices.

Partnering with Smart Home and Security, Ivani technology provides highly reliable advanced home security alerts. The entire home can be secured at minimal effort/cost using existing smart devices with no change to their hardware (e.g. screwing in smart light bulbs). In addition to enjoying superior security and home awareness, homeowners can save money on their homeowner’s insurance through the use of an actively monitored home security system.

Lighting Control

Automated home lighting controlling system has not yet become mainstream due to cost and installation complexities. Homeowners desire a smart home lighting control experience that doesn’t require additional hardware with extensive costs and limitations.

Through partnerships with some of the most innovative smart lighting companies in the world, Ivani offers a seamless and unique lighting user experience that differentiates and highlights the hardware company’s expertise in their field.


Smart Thermostat Optimization

Homeowners purchase smart thermostats for convenience and energy savings. However, most smart thermostats offer comparable features making it difficult for the consumer to select a specific product. Smart thermostats rely on in-built and often unreliable technology like PIR sensors and geolocation.

sensify™ can provide data about when the homeowner is home or away with a much higher degree of certainty when compared to current methods. sensify™ data integration heightens the user experience and saves energy through reduced HVAC system use based on more accurate occupancy information.

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