Sinclair Holdings Selects Ivani’s NPS for Advanced Occupancy Sensing

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FORT WORTH, Texas, May 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

News Highlights:

  • Sinclair Holdings selects Network Presence Sensing (NPS) Technology by Ivani® for occupancy sensing in both the Sanger Building and The Sinclair, a Marriott Autograph Collection hotel
  • The NPS system will be integrated into NuLEDs’ Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) lighting system, allowing connectivity to state of the art building control systems
  • NPS Technology feeds advanced occupancy data to various building systems to improve occupant experiences and save operational expenses for the building owner

The Sanger Building, built in 1923 and owned by an affiliate entity of Sinclair Holdings, is a multi-use building including professional offices, a data center, and a CVS drugstore. Builders, developers, IT professionals and technologists from around the world visit the Sanger Building to witness firsthand the latest in building technology in action. The Sinclair, a Marriott Autograph Collection hotel opening in February 2019, will take building technology beyond the current state of the art with technologies like Ivani’s Network Presence Sensing.

The NPS system in both buildings operates on Bluetooth devices which are part of the NuLEDs lighting system. Patented NPS firmware is installed on those Bluetooth devices, allowing groups of them to act as advanced occupancy sensing systems. “We were able to incorporate the Bluetooth module into our system, and power and communicate with the Ivani technology over our NuLink Bus,” says Chris Isaacson, CEO of NuLEDs. Ivani’s NPS firmware and software uses algorithms and machine learning to provide information about human activity in a space through analysis of wireless communications without requiring the occupant to carry a smartphone, tag, or other beacon. As a firmware and software solution, NPS Technology provides opportunities for building owners to enhance the system over time, providing additional data classes and crafting future experiences for end users; all without needing to physically change the installed devices.

“Network Presence Sensing is one of the most interesting technologies I have seen recently,” says Farukh Aslam, Founder and Managing Partner of Sinclair Holdings. “It’s easy to see the need for it.” The 4 data classes in NPS Technology include: Change Detection for advanced motion sensing, Presence Detection for true occupancy sensing, People Counting for occupancy level, and People Locating for heat mapping. Applications for the data classes include advanced lighting control, improved HVAC efficiency, building security, and many more. As a firmware and software solution provider, Ivani enables partners like NuLEDs to explore new business models with NPS Technology, allowing pricing to match the application, rather than being tied to hardware costs. Coupled with the differentiated user experiences and energy conservation opportunities provided by advanced occupancy sensing, including NPS into the NuLEDs lighting system was “an easy decision” according to Chris Isaacson.

As a real estate developer and thought leader in smart building technology, Farukh Aslam recognizes the value NPS brings to his buildings. Partnering with NuLEDs and other PoE networking companies, Ivani will provide anonymized presence data to Sinclair Holdings to boost energy efficiency, improve tenant and guest safety, provide new staff and guest interactions, all while elevating the user experience.

About Ivani

Ivani is a nationally recognized technology and intellectual property development company providing the world with innovative solutions to foster everyday sustainability. Network Presence Sensing (NPS), Ivani’s primary technology offering, is a patented suite of custom firmware and software packages that observe and analyze RF disturbances in wireless communications between IoT devices to deliver unprecedented human activity analytics to its partners. NPS is loaded onto non-customized wireless communications hardware, allowing integration of the technology into both new and legacy products. Ivani can additionally provide module reference designs for its PoE partners.

About Sinclair Holdings

As a real estate developing company, Sinclair Holdings seeks to push the limits of the guest experience by leading the industry in advanced technologies. The Sinclair hotel will be the first hotel to use technologies such as complete Power-over-Ethernet lighting/window shades/mini bars/mirrors/ and door locks, Digital Electricity, and will be the first building in the world to replace an emergency backup power diesel generator with an LG Emergency Storage System. Sinclair Holdings is focused on building more intelligent, greener, and more advanced buildings and brings a refreshing change of pace to a slow-moving industry.

About NuLEDs

As a pioneer in the PoE Lighting space, NuLEDs focuses on delivering IP based power and control solutions for the commercial and hospitality industries. NuLEDs produces PoE drivers, wall controllers, sensors and software that deliver power and communication with dimming control over a single Cat5 cable. In addition to lighting, NuLEDs’ system powers and controls ceiling fans, blinds, actuators and other low voltage building systems.

CONTACT: Justin McKinney, Ivani,, 636.222.1613, or Hannah Galbraith, Sinclair Holdings,, 817.255.4015, or Lisa Isaacson, NuLEDs,, 760.533.5660