sensify™ on Wi-Fi

Matthew WoottonBlog

At its core, Wi-Fi is a wireless protocol that allows devices to connect to a local area network without the need for physical cables. The first Wi-Fi devices were released in 1999, and since then, Wi-Fi has become an essential technology for connecting devices, especially in homes, offices, and public places like coffee shops, airports, and hotels. Since its first release, Wi-Fi has undergone many different revisions/versions of the technology, with Wi-Fi 7 being set for release in 2024.

Well beyond the protocol’s original intent, Wi-Fi’s widespread distribution within households offers unprecedented opportunities to turn IoT devices into advanced occupancy sensing systems. Paired with Ivani’s sensify™ technology suite, Wi-Fi-enabled devices (old and new) can become occupancy sensors, providing advanced occupancy data to enhance the smart home experience. By adding context awareness to intelligent lighting, HVAC, security, and other smart home platforms, these systems can act intelligently based on whether there is someone in the area or not. Sensify provides a variety of occupancy data outputs such as state-of-the-art security alerts, HVAC occupancy data that can help reduce energy consumption, and various home automation convenience triggers. All information is provided simultaneously, and all from the same sensify enabled devices.  

Sensify is a patented set of custom firmware and software packages that turns wireless communication devices into “sensorless sensors” without interfering with the device’s primary function. As an OEM, rather than trying to sell and deploy a large number of dedicated sensors that may or may not do what you want, you can simply deploy sensify to the products you’ve been selling for years. The sky’s the limit when you have millions of devices suddenly producing occupancy data. Let us work with you to revolutionize your offerings and deliver tremendous value to your customers today.

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