sensify™ on BLE

Matthew WoottonBlog

Bluetooth as a communications standard has been a hallmark of the IoT for many years. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mesh was formalized in 2017 and has been an interesting addition for wireless connectivity in various market verticals. BLE chipsets are amongst the least expensive in the industry and use very little power to communicate. For the various benefits of BLE compared to other communication protocols, check out

Those familiar with Wireless Network Sensing often think of the sensor category as only pertaining to Wi-Fi. However, this is far from accurate. As with most wireless protocols, the sensify™ technology suite can be added to an existing BLE platform. Sensify on a BLE platform can be run on top of either a mesh or star network topology, providing rich, contextual information about human activity. In the home, this data can be used for physical security, lighting control, energy management, aging in place, and much more.

Through an over-the-air (OTA) update, Ivani can bring advanced occupancy sensing to existing and new products that use BLE communication technology. Coupled with the ubiquity of BLE in phones and various trackers, you can overlay sensify detection of non-tagged people and things by tracking inexpensive BLE tags. This allows the detection of both known and unknown things in the home, continuing to drive context awareness in the home. To be clear, sensify technology detects people without tags, beacons, etc. for anonymous private operation. For those that want to add inexpensive additional context, BLE is a great technology choice. Sensify on BLE enaBLEs the smart home experience!