Legrand Partnership with Ivani Wins Best of Pre-CES 2018

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Julie Jacobson’s Best of CES 2018 – Sight Unseen

“Legrand gets the honors because it is an established company that already makes the type of products Ivani uses for its “Network Presence System.” The technology, embedded into everyday devices like smart bulbs, senses disruptions in RF activity to discern people and activities, and to perform an array of analytics for people counting, wellness tracking, security, whatever. And it does so in an anonymous, non-invasive way.

The other competitors are start-ups that do not yet have hardware and channel partners like Legrand has.

As Ivani explains the technology: ‘NPS can be used for lighting control, security, optimizing HVAC, and much more. This technology will allow your environment to respond to your presence without the use of cell phones or other devices such as beacons, therefore keeping things anonymous.’”

Written by Julie Jacobson of CEPro

About Ivani
Ivani is a nationally recognized Technology and Intellectual Property development startup specializing in human presence detection. Founded in 2014, Ivani developed and patented the ground-breaking detection system called Network Presence Sensing (NPS). This technology suite enables IoT manufacturers to offer autonomous lighting, advanced physical security, optimized HVAC control, and proximity marketing all without adding new hardware or requiring users to carry cell phones, tags, or beacons. For more information about Ivani please visit www.ivani.com.

CONTACT: Ivani, Justin McKinney, e-mail: jmckinney@ivani.com, phone: (636) 222-1613