Ivani RTLS™ Suite

Productivity, physical asset management, employee and customer safety, and user experience all suffer as a result of a lack of real time location data.

What is IVANI RTLS™ Technology

Ivani RTLS™ is a Real Time Location Services system that uses the Ivani NPS™ infrastructure in buildings to detect the location of known devices. These devices (tags or other wirelessly communicating hardware) can be affixed to merchandise, physical assets, or people to better understand where all of these things and people are at any given time or as a historical snapshot or heatmap.

Why Ivani RTLS™?

Real Time Location Services (RTLS) offer immediate and historical insights into a device’s whereabouts. This can be extremely helpful when keeping track of critical merchandise, physical assets, and staff. This information can increase employee productivity and safety, reduce product shrinkage, and raise the level of guest and employee experience.

Ivani RTLS takes advantage of the already-existing Ivani NPS-enabled hardware infrastructure to provide state-of-the-art asset tracking and wayfinding capabilities both in real-time and batch-processed forms.

How It Works

The Ivani NPS-enabled infrastructure collects a broadcast from a given asset tag and, based on the network diagnostic information, the location of the wirelessly communicating tag can be determined. Note that any wirelessly communicating device could function as an asset tag, including a smartphone, wearable, tablet, computer. With such an extensive infrastructure of wirelessly communicating receivers, the data collected by those receivers can track assets without the asset tag needing any information about the infrastructure.