Ivani and MHT Lighting Announce Partnership


Ivani and MHT Lighting have taken steps to advance the intelligent building by announcing the integration of MHT Lighting’s inspeXtor® PoE System and Ivani’s technology offerings, starting with Ivani Real Time Location Services (RTLS).

MHT Lighting is a market leader in providing advanced PoE Lighting management systems to the Healthcare, Residential and Commercial space. We are excited to announce our partnership with Ivani. Ivani provides the most comprehensive and advanced occupancy sensing data in the industry. The integration of their Intelligent Sensor Array (ISA) and RTLS with inspeXtor, will provide MHT’s users with enhanced experience, increased functionality, reduced energy consumption, and ultimately money savings.

“MHT Lighting has a reputation for delivering quality and innovation. We’re excited to be a part of their partner ecosystem and offer their customers the most advanced occupancy sensing and RTLS in the industry. The inspextor® System provides an ideal data highway for the types of data we can provide building systems and the end user,” said Ivani CEO, Justin McKinney.

Using Ivani’s ISA technology, the inspextor® System now offers multiple data types to enable a truly intelligent building. This includes:

  • Space Utilization Data
  • Real Time Location Services for things or people
  • Basic PIR Motion Sensing
  • Temperature Sensing
  • Humidity Sensing
  • Light Levels
  • Advanced Occupancy Sensing (through Future Software Updates)

About The Companies

Ivani is the world leader in RF Sensing technology. Through its robust portfolio of patents and trade secrets, Ivani enables intelligence for the connected world. Through Ivani NPS™ and Ivani RTLS™, Ivani delivers unprecedented Presence analytics to its partners and their end users, enabling the intelligent building while respecting user privacy.

MHT Lighting has been a pioneer of lighting and software innovation for over a decade. Our patented inspeXtor PoE Lighting platform has been helping clients all over the globe reduce their energy consumption. MHT provides our clients with real-time data and control over the lighting and other systems in their facility.

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