NPS™ & RTLS™ in Enterprise

NPS™ enterprise applications provide advanced occupancy data analytics to optimize office operations and building systems. NPS provides device-free occupancy data through RF communication analysis between devices, while Ivani RTLS uses the same infrastructure to locate devices within spaces. These applications can operate through either traditional or Power over Ethernet (PoE) installations. The wireless communication equipment can be stand-alone devices, integrated into fixtures, or integrated into other sensor packages. Ivani RTLS capabilities are provided through a wide range of third-party BLE asset tags.


Office Building

Business operational excellence is no longer a differentiator in recruiting and retaining talent, it is the cost of entry to compete. Conference rooms, offices, corridors, bathrooms, etc. produce operating burdens in various ways. And in today’s COVID-19 environment, employers can’t afford to have fearful employees or an unsafe office. Today, there are no systems available that produce widely distributed yet multilayered occupancy and Ivani RTLS insights without significant capex, opex, and privacy concerns.

NPS Insights™ and Ivani RTLS™ offers new and unprecedented understanding of space utilization, without sacrificing privacy by using typical microphones and cameras.

For each dedicated space, people activity metrics can be provided to different BMS dashboards and/or building systems to optimize facility operations according to use. Building use data can inform infrastructure decisions and improve overall facility usage. Coupled with Ivani RTLS data, a facility manager can effectively operate a facility in accordance to ever evolving guidelines.


Hospitality is highly competitive and any positive guest experiences aid in customer loyalty. Legacy technology (e.g., motion sensors) clutter the space and often deliver faulty and inconsistent results. Additionally, employee panic alert systems are quickly becoming mandated by law in many states across America. Hotel stakeholders need a cost-effective solution to protect their employees while staying compliant with laws and commitments.

As a complete solution, NPS provides advanced occupancy data to the facility while respecting guest privacy. At the same time, Ivani RTLS™ capabilities enable both tracking of assets and monitoring for panic button alerts. With the technology based on RF communications, devices using the technology can be placed behind drywall (or other non-metallic surfaces), providing designers greater flexibility to design aesthetically pleasing spaces.


Senior Care

Monitoring and care levels of residents vary depending on the type of Senior Care facility, but all facilities suffer from a lack of basic activity, occupancy, and location data. Monitoring of seniors often reduces their privacy and separate infrastructure is often required for each additional type of monitored data. Using a single set of infrastructure, Ivani NPS™ and RTLS™ technologies provide deep insights into human activity and device tracking.

K-12 Schools

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