Zigbee and Wireless Network Sensing: Transforming Smart Home Automation

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Zigbee In its infancy, the smart home consisted of devices in the home that could be controlled remotely via a mobile phone or tablet. Over time, however, the capabilities of the smart home grew much broader and more complex. Different wireless chipsets and protocols emerged early on, influencing manufacturers to choose a winner before the market provided the ultimate decision. … Read More

sensify™ on Wi-Fi

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At its core, Wi-Fi is a wireless protocol that allows devices to connect to a local area network without the need for physical cables. The first Wi-Fi devices were released in 1999, and since then, Wi-Fi has become an essential technology for connecting devices, especially in homes, offices, and public places like coffee shops, airports, and hotels. Since its first … Read More

Parks Associates – Ivani Sponsor Highlight

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Ivani Co-Founders, Justin McKinney and Matthew Wootton had a chance to sit down with Parks Associate President & CMO,Elizabeth Parks to discuss a variety of topics. The conversation spanned from smart home market trends to the new sensor category, Wireless Network Sensing to what’s coming around the corner in 2023 and beyond. Parks Associates_Ivani Sponsor Highlight  

sensify™ on BLE

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Bluetooth as a communications standard has been a hallmark of the IoT for many years. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mesh was formalized in 2017 and has been an interesting addition for wireless connectivity in various market verticals. BLE chipsets are amongst the least expensive in the industry and use very little power to communicate. For the various benefits of BLE … Read More

Introducing sensify™

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Sensify™is the leading technology suite within a broader sensor category called Wireless Network Sensing (WNS). Put simply, sensify uses standard RF communications from common IoT devices to sense if there is a person in a space or not. Ivani’s patented sensify technology suite is different from other WNS companies’ offerings with regards to how it matches up against application needs … Read More